You want to get involved in this project?
There are many different ways you can help us:


The more players this game has the more fun it is to play it.
Especially since we have the online highscore.
If you know a place/site in the internet where the people should know about this game, you could help us by doing some adverticing.
Let them know about the site:
Or you own a computergames related site. We would also be glad to exchange links!


We try to implement all new features/new skills/new items/new spells the players are writing us. Of course only the ones that do not spoil the game.
But feel free to write us all your ideas.
Its a heavy task to balance the game. Means strengths of abilities, skills, monsters, levels, ...
We are doing this since quite a while.
Any suggestions in this direction are also very welcome!


We need people to do gametesting. Laby is a lot more complex than it looks like. And so we cannot find all errors ourselves anymore.
All bugreports are greatly welcome. And we will do our best to fix them all!


When you own the purebasic compiler you could get involved in the direct development of Lost Labyrinth. The following tasks are on our todo list and I could need a helping hand for:

  • Have a look at our bugtracker. There are plenty of things we want to do Mantis


We always need new graphics for monsters, items, characters, special levels and room screens.
But we cannot use stolen graphics from the net. So if you have drawn something nice yourself or you find nice pictures without royalities please send them to us!