The programming language Lost Labyrinth is written in:Purebasic
Laby's free compiler:Elice
A lot of laby's art is drawn by:Martine Seedydeedee Davies
The death screen is drawn by:Cyril van der Haegen
The original Version of Lost Labyrinth:Blitzbasic Lost Labyrinth
Markus operating system:Kubuntu
Bernd operating system:Ubuntu
The Desktop Markus is using:The KDE Project
The Desktop Bernd is using:The Gnome Project
The Desktop Johan is using:Windows 7
Our drawing program:The Gimp
Our sound editing program:Audacity
Our 3D animations program:Blender
Laby's sounds are from here:The Freesound Project
Laby's music is from here:Incompetech