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2012-02-16Lost Labyrinth Version 4.8.0
We still need YOUR support. So please don't wait and buy the extended version!

- New room system that allows custom player created rooms (improved modding support)
- French translation!
- Changed Undead into Vampirism skill. (4 CP, must be Outcast and Forsaken - Do not need food or water. Can drink blood to heal 1-6 life. Humanoids drop blood 40% chance. Cannot use healing herbs as living creatrues)
- New Warlock spell: True Strike
- New curse: Weakness (Reduces strength to 1)
- Improved dungeon generation algorithms
- Reworked how Visions and Futuresight works
- Various performance optimizations
- Improved random treasure (blue chests should contain more interesting items now)
- Improved monster sounds
- When you die, the reason of death is now displayed
- Spell compendium can now be accessed in the skill selection screen
- Improved item descriptions (potions, scrolls and mushooms describe effect when identified)
- 10 new mushrooms
- 5 new potions
- 2 new magic weapons
- New graphics mode: stretched (windows only)
- Desert special levels are now more interesting
- Improved archpielgo level generation algorithm
- Extended version owners will see 7 additional new monsters

- Reduced damage taken from fumbles
- Food is now more likely to spawn in normal brown chests
- Heavy Carrier is now Pack Mule (2 CP - Gives 8 additional inventory slots)
- Identified scroll value now depends on its contents

- Numerous bugfixes and crash fixes
2012-02-06Laby finally made it on Desura
Desura Digital Distribution
2012-02-04We have a small demonstration video for the game now.
Lost Labyrinth - The movie
2011-11-19We accept payment with BitCoins (BTC) now.
We love the idea to have an internet currency.
For more info visit: bitcoin.org
2011-09-29Lost Labyrinth Version 4.7.1
This is a bugfix release as we found some horrible bugs in last release
- Title screen now displays if the game is compiled in 32-bit or 64-bit
- 7 new monsters for extended version
- Fear makes monsters flee from the mage now
- Halved monster spawn rate
- Reduced number of Altars appearing and altars are now use-activated
- Increased player base hit chance by 20% (so on level 1 against monsters with 0 Dodge you have 50/50 chance to hit)
- Arcane Writing skills now automatically generates a new scroll each level
- Arcane Writing can now craft new scrolls (cost mana and gold, can fail)
- Song of Travels now gives +2 Speed instead of +1
- Helpful Winds now gives +(Spell Power) Speed instead of only +3
- Windmaster spell now gives +100% Speed instead of +2
- Fire and Frost aura now gain +1 damage per 4 spell power
- Summon Demon can now only be cast once per dungeon level
- Merged Speed and Swift Fingers into one Swiftness skill
- fixed 0 tile from dead man\'s gold
- open, tunnel spells work again
- empty room fixed
- split stacks in inventory and identified items working again
- random tile appearing bug
- last 2 skills on screen unselectable with mouse
2011-09-24Lost Labyrinth Version 4.7.0
- Spell compendium screen
- Animated book for reading all the books in the game
(Well there is only one for now, but this will change)
- Added ability descriptions to level up screen
- Polish translation (Special thanks to Kamil Tajs)
- Level Up screen now displays which spells you will gain if you increase Spell Circle
- Added the ability to swap between 10 different quickbars
- New options screen (A lot nicer and comes with sliders for volume control)
- New time traveller item: Force Shield
- Improved and updated the tavern room (2 new tiles, tables and ale kegs)
- Improved extended version reminder screen
- Old messages are now stored in savegames
- Spiderwebs (you get stuck in there)
- New spell effects for Blind, Magic Flame and Sleep spell
- 7 new monsters for extended mode
- Akolyth skill now reveals Altar and Sanctum in the same way as Spelunker reveals exit
- Pit Traps only appear on level 10 and above now
- Arcane Shot skill now costs 1 CP
- Paladin skill now refills 1 life and mana per undead kill instead of 50% chance for gold
- Players now start with 12 mana instead of 3
- Pick Pocket is no longer limited to 2 per level, but to once per monster instead
- Herb Lore now allows you to \"sense\" Healing Herbs, Mushrooms and Crysolites
- Reduced monster base hit chance from 50% to 30%
- Fixed Weapon Mastery not preventing Fumble
2011-08-05Lost Labyrinth Version 4.6.4
- spells and bows now autotarget closest monster
- fumbling with melee weapons implemented
- buttons for pageup/pagedown in readmes and spellmenu
- implemented proper crash report and error logging
- new save game recovery option if the game crashes (automatically tries to save game if it crashes)
- new spells: genocide, time snatch
- new monster trait: paralysis
- new skill: Diplomacy (extended version only)
- new skill: Favoured of the Gods (extended version only)
- new tiletype: altar (gives bonus depending on your divinity)
- monsterlore now displays monster level and health bar in the main screen
- added new timeglass cursor while game is unresponsive
- new time traveler items: grenade, laser rifle
- 5 new monsters for basic version (non-extended)
- 7 new monsters (extended mode only)
- game logo ingame removed, so we have more space for active spells
- new option to change language ( we could do that in titlescreen only)

- we can have more than one curse now
- leader, magelord and pathfinder now scale with attribute level (+1 extra bonus per 4 points)
- improved Native Magic by adding +25% cast chance

- descriptions of enchanted weapons
- crash bug when selecting heirloom skill
- fixed feather fall spell not working
- fixed various exploits
- fixed some crash bugs
2011-07-15Lost Labyrinth Version 4.6.3
Don't forget to support the game by buying the extended version!

- quickbar totally reworked. We can now store not only items in there but also spells and the abilities fighting styles and spellweaving. we can simply drag&drop the spells icons in there from the spell menu
- all spells have icons now
- the pieces of the staff of the last covenant are placed in different rooms now. f.e. we have to slay the ancient hydra to see if she guards a piece of it
- new button to access all the skills that need activation (f.e. climbing, mystic bolt)
- item durability. items do not have a chance to break anymore. they have a value that decreases with usage. when it reaches 0 the item breaks
- new craft/enchanting system for weapons
- new merchant in a room
- new lore: demon lore
- new items: maul, sunstar (fire + light morningstar), 3 new magic armors and 3 new magic kite shields, adventurer's hat, helm of mana, gloves of pickpocketing, talisman of the sun, book of sorcery, doombringer
- new black magic spell: vampiric aura
- new fire magic spells: inferno, soul of fire
- new druid magic spells: reincarnation, calm
- new star magic spell: blessing of the stars
- new illusion spell: nightmare
- 7 new monsters (extended version only)
- new big monsters: great dragon, greater demon
- fletchery can now be used to enchant ammunition with gems
- ingame descriptions of what each fighting style does
- fighting styles has been reworked and significantly improved

- merchants no longer repair/recharge anything
- using the nexus now removes summoned items
- fighting in armor and spellcasting in armor merged to "armor mastery" which gives us both benefits
- no longer loose scrolls and mana if spell is aborted or cannot be cast due to level limit
- no longer loose sacrificed items if spell is aborted or item not valuable enough
- goddess of wisdom and health now give double maxlife and maxmana
- leyline contact now doubles effectivity of crysolites

- magical weapons can properly harm Ghosts again
- loading/saving bug when doing it very often fixed
2011-06-13Lost Labyrinth Version 4.6.2
- new air spell: disintegration field (disintegrate in a 3x3 area)
- new illusion spell: counterspell
- new items: magic rope. normal rope only usable once, candle, plated greaves
- new magical items: robe of the archmagi, nightslayer (axe), amulet of the timelord
- new magic school: time magic (extended version)
- show other player stats in multiplayer game
- buttons to switch between cinfo and inventory
- map mode switching (tiles we have seen and tile we walked on
- new picture for forge
- option to turn on/off the new version check
- 7 new monsters for extended version
- new random treasure system
- big monsters (only hydra so far)
- new monstertraits: Nospawn, Impassable
- percentage progress display for loading and saving games

- made cartography show only fixed level features
but can be used several times
- changed udjat eye skill into the Experienced skill
- made constitution,mana skill rise maximum HP/Mana to 200

- sounds of special levels when music is turned off
- crash with open spell
- some levelmods not working
2011-05-21Lost Labyrinth Version 4.6.1
- New flaw: no magic
- New flaws (extended version): vegetarian, gluttony (doubles hunger rate)
- New secondary skill (extended version): Fast Learner
- Improved and added new animations for various spells (Rain, Illusion, Word of Death, etc.)
- New spells: Toad (witchcraft), Summon Elder Fey (druid), Conjure Djinni (illusion), Cosmic Blast (star), Stoneskin (earth)
- New artwork for magic lamp room and Trainer rooms
- New items: Heavy Crossbow and Magic Lamp
- Update notifier that checks if a new version is released
- Template screen improved (descriptions and variety)
- Performance improved for Labyrinth generation algorithm
- New labyrinth generation algorithm. Old one and new one used with 50%
- Settings file handling improved
- Hungarian translation added
- Credits screen polished
- 7 new monsters for extended version and 2 new monsters for normal version
- Summoned monsters now scale with Spell Power
- New effects for death gaze and turn to stone
- Allowed to end turn in charge mode by clicking on char

- Stealing waterskin only steals 1-2 sips
- Sorcery halves chance to botch a spell
- Botching does less damage now
- Maps can only be viewed once per level
- use ranged procedures for throwing as well
- Made dragon room appear only above level 8
- Made throne room appear only above level 7
- Prismatic Spray now deals random damage type (Fire, Ice, Lightning, Cold, Poison or Magic) to each monster
- Disintegration spell can now destroy doors
- Dehydration spell can now evaporate water tiles (now level 10 spell - was 6 before). Costs 4 mana instead of 2
- Dodge costs 4 points now (instead of 2)
- Blind shot costs only 1 point (instead of 2)
- Healing herbs heal double when we have first aid skill

- Prevented creature being on a different level than the player
- A lot of bugfixing (some crash bugs as well)