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2011-05-06The page has a chat now
This will get more important as soon as real multiplayer is working, which we are working on right now :)
2011-04-24Lost Labyrinth Version 4.6.0
We finally have an extended version of the game.
Its features are listet here:

Please consider supporting the game this way.

- whole monster system rewritten
each monster has its own folder now that contains a textfile with its stats
a sound and an image. This way players can easily create new monsters.
- Comes with loads of new monsters
- All remaining unfree pictures replaced with ones we have the permission to use them.
Special thanks to all artists that gave us permission.
- Scrolling of spellist with mousewheel
- Traits cannot be raised over its maximum in experience screen
- One time skills like Strength raise the maximum value now
- New skills:
Precise Shot (Way of the Bow) - Perception icreases to hit chance
Blind Shot (Way of the Bow) - No penalty for invisibility or darkness
Arcane Shot (Way of the Bow) - Use Mana for Arrows
- new minor flaws:
Illiterate (Cannot read scrolls and books)
Unlucky (-3 luck)
- New curses:
Curse of Fortuna (reduces luck by 10)
Curse of Vexx (Max. hp/mp = current hp/mp)
- New room:
Djinni Lamp (Fullfills a wish)
- New item:
- Stats for Archery displayed in the cinfo screen
- Third page in cinfo screen with statistics for eating, drinking, usages
- Darkness rendering improved. Its calculated pixelexact now. Perception raises
viewing range by two pixel per point
- Savegames show a screenshot of the gamestate now
- options screen is now fullscreen
- added norwegian translation
- monsters now only spawn in dark areas the player cannot see

- summons cost 1/2 mana for summoner
- heirloom gives 5000 gold now
- luck now decreases the chance of armor and weapons breaking and chance of getting robbed (3% per perception)
- elven blood now gives +20% magic resist
- Fruits now give some hydration
- Poiseous tiles have different damage values now
This way levelmod poison, runetrap poison and swamp are different now
- Spawned monsters do not leave treasure behind to stop loitering in lower levels

- fixed initial gold not being reset
- implemented illusionary walls
with these the illusionary walls level mod is doable even for unobservant players
- slowdowns on windows fixed
2011-04-09Forum updated to newest version (3.0.8)
2011-02-22We moved Laby development to Mercurial
As this is a lot more advanced than Subversion!
The new Repo is here: Laby on BitBucket
2011-02-03Lost Labyrinth Version 4.5.0
- player resistances are percentage values now
item/spells only grant partial resistance
vulnerabilities give negative resistance
- display spellschool on scroll icons
- message log is the same for all players (sometimes we couldn't read what happend to other players)
- allowed neutralize poison spell to clear power*1 tiles
- allowed for ambushes over water again

- different highscores for 1,2,3,4 players game
- allowed creatures to inherit many skills from caster if player took summoner skill

- fixed issues in ambush/reinforcement animation
- lock skills fixed
- goddess of wisdom/healing fixed
2010-11-30Lost Labyrinth 4.4.1
- summon spells use the real creature graphics when rising
- all backup and ambush monster rise simultaneously
- all monsters regenerate simultaneously
- summoned dragon can cast dragon fire spell

- weak fingers block other bow skills

- refresh, neutralize poison working again
- slowdown in win 7 fixed (hopefully)
- wounded hero working again
- earthen strength had no icon
2010-11-24Lost Labyrinth 4.4.0
- summoned creatures completely reworked. They behave very much like a player now. Means they have an inventory and some can even use items
- New picture for desert outdoor level. Taken from opengameart
- keyboard and mouse handling generalised. Now we have the same functionality everywhere
- screen handling generalised. All screen need no processor time when we do nothing
- the options screen displays the last 2 messages. We did not know if f.e. the settings were saved successfully
- gamespeed improved. Its not an individual screen anymore. We set the speeds directly in the options. And the speeds are human understandable now
- replaced the 3 missing sounds with free ones. Now all of them are under free licences!
- attack spells display the amount of damage that they are doing

- charge attack only allows killing multiple monsters if they are in same row
- made protection against missiles stop dart/spear/axe traps
- energy of stones and transmigration cost item only when successful

- made amulet of luck use it's power rating
- made sword to ploughshares work on bows
- chaos scroll fixed (did not disappear in quickaccess slots)
- jumping thirst/hunger counter fixed
- changed hydra room from 8x9 to standard of 8x8
- removed secret door from swamp level
- fixed level modifier "extreme hot/cold"
- fixed levelmod fierce_traps and magical darkness
2010-10-29Lost Labyrinth 4.3.4
- Improved idle mode for mainloop (don't use pocessor if nothing happens)

- made survivalists get double water portion from puddles and potions
- made merchants in levels 1-9 have no waterskins

- Roomlist was buggy. Causing terrible bugs when game was loaded or restarted
- fixed damage calulation for ice and exploding arrows
- stopped "breaking" spell working with non-magical attacks
- removed SDL_gfx dependency (some ubuntu und fedora users reported errors with this lib)
2010-10-13Lost Labyrinth 4.3.3
- Create a list of spells we like most.
There is a heart displayed close to the spell and when we click on it it gets added to this list.
Has its own icon like a spellschool.
- J. 'Kythera' Contreras allowed us to use her pictures for Lost Labyrinth
J. 'Kythera' Contreras on Elfwood
- Summon spells cost mana only when cast on right field

- made items dropped by monsters pre-determined
- made small traders pre-determined

- disable pushing boulders as that only closes paths so nobody does that anyway
2010-10-09Lost Labyrinth 4.3.2
This is mainly a bugfix release. As the new pointerlist for rooms made some problems

- Unique skills. If they are already taken nobody else in the group can select them
- Unique items: They exist only once in the whole labyrinth. If they are destroyed or used they can be found or bought again

- made staff piece room actually use staff piece number instead of room number
- made hydra tiles show floor below
- stopped spawn/items on tree top tiles as they have blockwalk too
- made hut tile have transparent background
- stopped Cartograph map showing monsters