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2010-10-04Lost Labyrinth Version 4.3.0

- Rooms improved: Above level 50 there are 2 rooms now in each level.
Rooms with a monster (like the hydra) are completely closed at first.
When we kill the monster the exit appears.
- new skills: undead (does not need food or water), cannibal (killed humanoids sometimes leave blood or meat behind)
- new items: human meat, blood
- Staff of the last covenant reworked. Every part is an item now that characters can pass on.
They can be combined in the inventory screen. (This way they do not use up our inventory space)
Special thanks to Caitlin Brenna Johnston for allowing us to use the staff picture for Lost Labyrinth
Caitlin on Elfwood
- cancel spells and ranged combat with escape key or right mouse button
- life and mana points are shown as a combination of numbers and flasks
- spells on scrolls and items are explained now
- inventory screen displays the last messages too. As sometimes we could not see what items, scrolls or potions did.
- Display of thirst and starving inverted. Counts down now to next level.
- setting chests, nexus and the like on any floor tile
- sound artists added to credits screen

- every character can train only once with each trainer in a level
- changed formula for Appletree, Library and Laboratory to 20 + luck*5
- Spell exorcism now destroys all undead on the screen with 100%

- non-animated traps if no wall around
- items under player invisible while monster appears and while attacking
- block spawn for closed portculis
- skill selection screen sped up. hopefully this solves the mouse lag in windows vista
- prevent skipping turn to avoid ambush
- fields with black backgound in map fixed
- Walls of firedemon room cannot be extinct
2010-09-29Revived the wiki. Made a new button so it is accessible from the menu.
Should in the future replace the FAQ. Hopefully some laby players help us improving it.
2010-09-21Lost Labyrinth Version 4.2.1
- New monsterspell: firelance (works like the characters spell but does damage to characters their summoned creatures and other monsters
- New picture for helpful wizard.
Special thanks to Jimmy Gustafsson who allowed us to use this picture for Lost Labyrinth
Jimmy Gustafsson on Elfwood
- reason of death reworked to use numbers. this enables us to calculate a death statistic on the homepage
Death Statistic
- explain shapechanging spells
- Explain specialities of summoned creatures in info screen and spell menu
- look around/monster lore screen reworked:
fullscreen, shows monster's actual HP, explains monster's statuses and charges for nexus and altar
- new sound effects for chaos and darkness

- botch damage changed (up to 14 damage in lower levels was too hard)

- added effect of curses/short magic skill/meta magic to shown spell duration
- fixed PB problems with NULL pointer generation on load
- fixed treasure hunter bug v2: items invisible on treasure
- Gravestones in hall of the undead special level block movement again
2010-09-19The windows archive has been wrong.
Exe was placed outside the laby folder.
Please copy it inside the folder to make the game work.
2010-09-16Lost Labyrinth 4.2.0
- New art for a lot of rooms and special levels
Special thanks go to:
Martine Seedydeedee Davies seedydeedee
Cyril van der Haegen tegehel.org
- New sounds for most of labys sound effects
Special thanks to everybody that contributes to the freesound project:
The freesound project
- transformed cause of death to number (this way it can be displayed on the page in different languages)
- made items bought from merchant autostack

- prepared trader generation for predefined small traders

- fixed "show traps" spell which mixed up x and y coordinate
- stopped that spell from making found traps dodgable without any skill
- fixed segmentation fault caused by faulty logic for monster list in load game
- fixed: disintegration destroys monsters again (did not set monster pointer)
- fixed spells, special success and botching not using sound wrapper function
- added closeFile call to load/save templates and a safety check for empty file
- made monster poison/fire/ice breath use correct monster number again
- made green helmet give only 7 lifepoints like it's description says
- fixed duration calculation for helpful winds spell
2010-08-31Lost Labyrinth 4.1.0
- Spells have special successes and botches now. With a new sound and animated graphics.
Special success means for duration based spells they last twice as long. For spells that do damage etc. they do twice the damage.
Botches do damage to the caster and of course do not work.
- spellweaving reworked. The increased cost is only applied to spells that profit from it.
The spells also show if they are weavable.
- looking around has been improved so that we see the field name "on the fly".
- Translation of FAQ to german
- Summoned creatures display the info button too. So we can see their stats.
- the summon spells display info about the creatures.
- picking up stackables even if inventory is full is working now
- scroll lore and free magic spells have own section and icon in spell selection screen

- free magic now only offer spells of same circle as actual, not those below
(We still considered free magic as too strong)
- luck affects chance to get special success
- mystic attack now always succeeds and does level to level*5 damage
- restricted scroll lore to allow only a finite number of spells to be learned
(Scrollore was still too powerful)

- Throwing weapons working again
- fixed haggle formula
- fixed bug in helpful wizard monster removal
- fixed bug in picking up ammunition (stacking)
- fixed bug in splitting ammunition stacks
- made oil fill up only 1 lamp (issue 194)
2010-08-21Windows version has still been old.
Please clear your browser caches and download it gain.
2010-08-19Lost Labyrinth 4.0.0
Finally a feature release.
- The templates have been totally rewritten. Now we can save as many as we like and give them names. The keys "l" and "s" can be used to save and load them too.
- Players skill selections are remembered now for all players. Even if we quit the game and restart it later
- The options menu has been rewritten. Now we need only one line per option.
- Every player can have his own mousepointer. It gets saved with the character and can be changed in the options
- Character names are entered at gamestart now and not when we die and want to upload the score
- In the highscores screen there is a button to delete them. They are not really deleted at first, only when we make a new highscore they are are finally written to disk.
- New spells: Song of Wealth (every round a gold coin),Remove Runes (destroys all runes nearby),Sword to Ploughshare (transforms a weapon to food).
- Weight fractions are shown in inventory
- Added keys "a" and "f" in field selection screen for convinience of archery and mystic users
- Standard equipment is already equipped at gamestart
- When we die we can enter the characters final words. Which are displayed in the online highscore

- Flickering for teleporting creatures fixed
- fixed crash in archery triggered by autodelay()
- disallowed dropping items on closed doors
- no longer ranged criticals on mosters immune to criticals possible
- fixed mix up of status for both amount and poison status of arrows
- fixed non-stackable food items
- fixed animation for thrown stones
- stop automovement when detecting secret door (issue 145)
- prettyfied select item screen
- fixed a bug causing poison arrows to poison monsters already dead from arrow
- moved summon skeleton to level 1
- Debian/Ubuntu package no longer requires dev files
- messages what we have to do with blue/green chests
- made watermonsters hide and rise like skeletons again
- prevented spawning of monsters on waterchests and gold
- fixed graphical artifacts in bat animation and plant drawing
- improved spell info in spell selection screen (power,duration etc.)
- Linux executable no more ends in .exe
- Readmes for Sourcecode rewritten for elice usage
- made lamia look different from banshee by using unsused picture 178
- fixed gfx of blood shadow,blowfish,jellyfish
- removed skill blocking for "no attack" and monster type skills (hunter,paladin etc.)
as those should be available to archery or mystic users too
- added skill blocks for "weak arms" (dual wielding,sword fighting etc.)
- fixed some icons spell effects: helpful winds/song of travel (ca. 4 h)
2010-08-04Lost Labyrinth Version 3.5.4
Laby has versions for 64 Bit machines now too.
Please try them out and report to us if they are working for you!
- stopped secret door special level setting undetectable doors (impossibly high diff ratings removed)
- corrected error with ammunition stacking (issue 166)
(elven arrows and steel balls have stack size 20 not 10)
- fixed list pointer restoration (issues 160,164,165)
- stopped cauldron producing unlimited potions
- corrected message from breaking traptool
- added the missing loading/saving of roomtrader data
- summoned creatures can see monsters again
- made monsters attacking creature jump animation working
- made monster attack creature even if creature did not attack them (melee only for now)
- stopped friendly/sleeping/blind monsters from attacking creature
2010-08-03Uploading new highscores has been broken. Because of the new plausibility test. Which simply never succeeded :(
Should work again now.