I believe it's an issue with God of Death
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Author:  NatherGein [ Sat Mar 23, 2013 12:55 am ]
Post subject:  I believe it's an issue with God of Death

Playing a mix summoner and explosion mage has been a real blast. Sadly though it seems I've found a bug. If you take God of Death with summoner and have a creature with no mana attack and kill something GoD will go off and crash the game, reporting a divide by 0 error. I'm guessing this is because it's calculating the odds of it going off and finding only 0. If i get a monster with mana(ala Demon, dragon etc) the error quits so I'm fairly sure that is the problem. It makes it really sad to have a mage not have his summon be able to do anything early game, which is where it seems the summons count for the most heh. It seems it could be easily fixed by giving all summons 1 mana even if they don't have spells or setting a special check for lack of mana in GoD.

Anyways guys thanks for a great game. I played it solo and with a friend both 2 char and 4 char and fell in love pretty quick. Only took me a few days to decide to buy it via Desura. Keep up the great work guys and hopefully I helped find a bug and not just reiterated something already known.

Author:  Zefz [ Sat Mar 23, 2013 7:26 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: I believe it's an issue with God of Death

You are right. There was a small logic error that caused the Mana of the creature to be used and not the Mana of the Summoner. You will be happy to learn that we are working on an update for the game. These are a few of the changes so far (including fixing the bug you mentioned):

- Fixed many crash bugs
- Improved translations
-  Solved 2 monitor problem on windows (1 h)
-  Summoned creatures now gain 20% bonus stats per Spell Power instead of 10%
- Fixed a hundred bugs
- Tab key can now be used to switch between characters without ending turns
- Petrified players are now still a part of the game (they no longer disappear)
- Added new Earth Magic spell: Stone to Flesh (remove petrification)
- Added new Star Magic spell: Aurora (1 round true light and blinds monsters)
- Changed Weak Fingers into Clumsy (-2 CP, no ranged weapons and max dexterity is 10)
- Players have +15% steal chance from Blind monsters
- Fixed Break Boulder spell not working
-  Fixed Futuresight not working correctly
- Improved usability and GUI
- new curse: Mana Burn
- made whirlwind attack hit all 8 squares around player
- Display message whenever the player takes damage (along with amount, source of damage and damage type)
- Display hit chance when missing
- Made Blind Monster more powerful so that it is not so useless
- Charmed monsters will now attack other non-charmed monsters
- Added new monster trait: Blind Immunity
- All Plant monsters are now immune to blindness
- new eldritch weapon spells
- Added new Time Magic spell: Etheralness
- Rebalanced some spells: (Blessing of Stars scales, Toad spell no longer works on plants, Toad costs 3 mana instead of 2, Cosmic blast reduced To 3 mana, Teleport reduced To 8 mana and is now level 11 spell, Luck is now a level 2 spell instead of 4, Haste now gives additional attack instead of speed)
- Herb Lore no longer identifies all potions (we have Alchemy for that)
-  7 new extended version monsters
- Fixed Danger Sense not giving +70% chance to find traps
- Added new trap: Alarm Trap (alerts monsters and triggers an ambush)
- Added fountains! (drink for magical effects, both good and bad affected by Luck)
- Minor skill rebalancing

Author:  Xuande [ Sun Mar 24, 2013 2:51 am ]
Post subject:  Re: I believe it's an issue with God of Death

Good to know. I've been waiting to take another crack at the dungeon as a melee-oriented character, but I'm waiting for the bugfixes.

Saw a funny entry on the high scores for version 4.9:

Reached level 5, scored 1061 points, 2013-02-22,
walked the labyrinth for 138 rounds and needed 0 days 0 hours 7 minutes,
killed 49 monsters, collected 124 goldpieces and found 9/9 pieces of the staff
Survived the Labyrinth
Skills: Hunter, Archery, Dexterity, Zen Bowmastery, Fletching, Precise Shot, Accuracy, Trap Lore, Perception, First Aid, Cartography, Visions, Swimming, Poison Weakness, Magic Weakness, Forsaken, No Magic, Illiterate"

Author:  Zefz [ Sun Mar 24, 2013 11:17 am ]
Post subject:  Re: I believe it's an issue with God of Death

Yes, there are some cheaters out there. We have addressed this by adding some security measures.

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