Mouse doesn't work in Steam version [Resolved]
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Author:  sbluen [ Sun Nov 29, 2015 8:41 am ]
Post subject:  Mouse doesn't work in Steam version [Resolved]

Unfortunately, I cannot disagree with the negative review linked below. The mouse doesn't work, even in windowed mode on steam. It's hard to really play at this time. This is on windows 8.1, 64 bit version.

http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/7656 ... ed/420920/

Update: This problem seems to have resolved itself after either alt-tabbing, waiting for everything to load, or changing some of the graphics settings. The mouse now works in all window modes.

Second update: I'll mark this resolved for now since it doesn't affect me anymore. It would be nice to have a troubleshooting guide so that I can help my friends in case they get the same problem once I make recommendations.

Author:  markus [ Wed Dec 02, 2015 10:07 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Mouse doesn't work in Steam version [Resolved]

That really sucks as here at work and on my machine at home it works flawlessly.
Very difficult to fix bugs I cannot reproduce.

Next release we will hopefully do with a new version of the compiler so maybe the problem disappears then. ... Well, could also get worse :D

Author:  lemb [ Fri Dec 25, 2015 2:35 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Mouse doesn't work in Steam version [Resolved]

I don't know if its the same, but if its is the same i think i can explain it.

The problem is that sometime, when in windowed (even if the windows is large enough to seem full screen) the real mouse of the computer and the sprite mouse of the game, separate, and have differents coordinates.
at this point the mouse of the game seem to have the focus because it hyghtlight buttons and things, but you cannot click on anythingwith both mouse (i tyed).
and also the mouse of the game move faster.

what is realy fun, with this thing, is that when u try to reproduce it on purpose its hard, but when playing , it appen all the time.
but i finally figured out how too reproduce it.
It appen when the mouse of the game go out of the windows, BUT NOT the mouse of the computer: when you go out of the windows with the mouse of the game, u suddenly seee both mouse, and if by unluck the mouse of the computer don't go out of the windows too, well its messed up.
to resolve that (when i didn't understand) i used to move de mouse out and in and out an in ... until it solve itself. but now i know that you have to make both mouse go out of the windows to reapair it ( until u move the mouse out again by mistake, and it mess again :( )

sorry, its little hard to understand i guess, since my english sux.
if u don't please ask me, ill try to explain better.

anyways, if you play without mouse or in real fullscreen, there is no problem, but i guess new people who discover the game, can't realy figure out, and juste assume the game is broken, and that too bad, because they miss an awesome game :/

may be juste remove the sprited mouse , or make it same speed

edit: just find out that it appen only if u resise the windows to be bigger.
the original size of the windows make actualy both mouse go same speed, and if u resize it smaller, well its the windows mouse whitch go faster: so that when the game mouse go out of the windows : well both mouse are out for sure since the windows mouse go faster and its already out.
i can assume every one resise the windows anyways since its so small at begin

Author:  Grunz [ Mon Dec 28, 2015 1:30 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Mouse doesn't work in Steam version [Resolved]

In this thread, you can see some problems other have with the mouse. And why we actually need all 3 modes.
Real full screen seems to prevent alt-tab task switch to work properly while "stretched" sometimes causes trouble with the mouse for some.
Windowed has other issues still... I was forced to implement a 3 phase mouse "grab" code.

1. phase: reading the mouse coordinates cause the mouse to be grabbed and the system mouse to vanish. I can now read the coordinates and the mouse buttons. But one can not leave the window - so the window can't be moved or resized. This is not what a decent window should do .. So I have to release the mouse again if the pointer reaches the border ->
2. phase: Now the mouse is released and the system cursor appears again. I can still get the pointer coordinates in relation to the window - but not the buttons. So to get a working mouse again it need to be grabbed again. But assuming the mouse was release for a reason, we should not grab it again immediately, else one can still not escape the window. Thus in phase 2 the mouse stays released until the pointer actually leaves the window and triggers phase 3.
3. phase: Mouse is still release and all is like phase 3, except now if the pointer is inside the window, the mouse is grabbed and we switch to phase 1.

Author:  lemb [ Mon Dec 28, 2015 7:55 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Mouse doesn't work in Steam version [Resolved]

I am not sure i got it all.
but the way the mouse bug for me, personnaly i don't care, because i know i can play fullscreen or how to make it stop in windowed, but if someone new to the game see that, he will not understand and freak out.

i am may be one of the few who have this issu too, but if its an issu for everyone, or most, its realy a problem for the spread of the game.
if its a common issu, for most people, i think you may consider to remove the sprite games mouse : definitly/windowed (if it solve the pb), this game don't deserve those bad comment on steam.

For this issu , since it work with the default size windows (when both mouse go same speed) may be make the increment x/y of the game mouse be proportional to the windows size w/h could solve the problem (sory if i am out of topic, or imaginig a solution that can't exist)

etherway, if its a rare issu, don't bother with this thing, and sorry for anoying

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