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 Post subject: Balance shifted to disadvantage of mages
PostPosted: Fri May 13, 2011 11:47 am 

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Most of my mages are killed by fatal casting errors.
In previous versions creating a powerfull mage costed already lots of skill points and lots of level points.
A mage needed access to spells - skill points and level points.
A mage needed mana - skill points and/or level points.
A mage needed spell power - skill points and level level points.
But a mage could spare some lifepoints.
A mage could do quite well without luckpoints.

In order to survive the ocasional poison dragon or hydra in a room a mage should have spell circle 8.
Investing the first levelpoints to increase spell circle is not always fast enough but works good enough.
Then I want to increase spell power. But to survive this my character needs lot of life points. So: Don't stop at 8 but advance to spell circle 15 to use transmigration. Or invest lot of level points for life. But then: My mage gets hurt. If I always heal it immediately I loose many mana points. If I wait until life points are low a fatally miscast healing spell will kill my mage. To minimize that danger I need a lot of luck.
But waiting to increase spellpower has the consequence that each fight needs much more mana, because of the weakness of every attack I have to repeat them.
So instead of concentrating my initial level points at three skills in the previous version I have to divert them on five skills because my player has a new vital need for lifepoints and luck.
For a fighter with sturdy, berserk, and battlelust I only need to increase strength to get most what it needs - and I usually have spare points to add some points in perception or speed to further increase its performance. And when it is low on lifepoints: No healing potion will cause an fatal potion defect and kill the fighter. If it attacks no fatal hit will do its damage to the fighter instead of its opponent.

Conclusion: The mechanism to botch a spell introduces an heavy imbalance the previous versions did not have.
If the concept is necessary for other reasons (e.g. importance of luck): Please no punishment for increasing spellpower. No other skill has negative effects if a player has spent more points in it. Please don't reduce lifepoints but reduce manapoints instead because mana is related to magical operations and that would allow for the weak mage compared to the tough fighter.


 Post subject: Re: Balance shifted to disadvantage of mages
PostPosted: Fri May 13, 2011 4:01 pm 
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Its still pretty new so maybe spellpower is too devastating.
I will revise the formula.

It is right now:
spells(spell)\level) + (Max(2,spieler(akt_spieler)\Power_score/2)

Damage = 0 - (Level of the spell + your power_score/2)

 Post subject: Re: Balance shifted to disadvantage of mages
PostPosted: Fri May 13, 2011 8:13 pm 

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Player1 a Mage.
flaw: Weak
Poisoned by a spider.
Using regeneration = level 11
Spellpower: 4 by skill, 2 by ring, 2 by crown. 1 by amulet = 9
regeneration fails fatally.
11+9/2 = 15,5 ~ 15.
lost 2 lifepoints by spiderbite,
1 because of poison effects while killing the spider.

I survive only if my lifepoints are at least 19.

10 lp + 5*2lp = 20 lp
In order to survive regeneration I had to spend 5 levelpoints on lifepoints and 100% lifepoints left.
Calculated correct?

Another example:
The mage is mobbed by some wolfes on level 3.
weak: 10 lp.
It loses 7 lp before beeing able to escape.
3 lp rest.
A quick heal to survive the next ocasional attack.
Heal has level 3. Even with Spellpower 1 the mage is dead on a fatal healing attempt.

If the mage doesn't survive the attack, my tactic was wrong.
If it is not surviving the healing - that's plain russian roulette.
For those gamers who believe that's fun just implement a skill 'russian roulette' which kills any character for no reason at all with a probability of 0,1% at the end of the turn.
But I really like mages and I really like tactic. So I really would like lost laby a little less if I had to dismiss my mages and a lot less if I had to dismiss tactic. So please leave me a mage able to survive its own healing attempts with 100% probability even if it has only 1 lifepoint left.

If the goal of this feature is to make the life of mages harder: a formula reducing the actual lifepoints of a mage to a certain percentage but never to zero could be a solution. This would allow to use skill and level points for magic instead of plain survival.
If the goal is to grant luck more influence on spellcasting I can think of better solutions. For instance there could be an influence of luck on the flux of mana: Good luck - a spell uses half the mana; bad luck - a spell uses double the mana. Good luck- a potion/skeleton/crysolith/... gives double the mana; bad luck you get half the mana. If you play a mage, mana is always a subject you will consider.

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