Need help with storied
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Author:  markus [ Thu Aug 11, 2011 1:32 am ]
Post subject:  Need help with storied

Next version of laby will feature books.
I mean books we can read to get information.
When the game starts we want to display a short story of the labyrinth creation.
So I thought maybe somebody can help me writing something.

I started to write something:
The labyrinth was created a long long time ago by the evil necromancer mythrax. The location of his cave got lost in time... Generations passed until recently the son of the king of ulther recovered it from an ancient document he found on one of his trips to the old continent.
As the knowledge of the discovery spread in the new kingdoms more and more brave adventurers made the journey to this unholy place. For the pure hope of making a furtune with the unbelievable treasures the people said resided in the depth of this dungeon. None of them ever to be seen again...

Maybe the staff of the last covenant should be mentioned somehow...

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