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Author:  MeatKnight [ Mon Aug 06, 2012 10:48 pm ]
Post subject:  Some Ideas

1.I think will be much better for players when everyone can use own skin (character apperance) or add a possiblity to edit a current ones. All skins will be in one folder or somewhat. It will be funny walking through mazes as Nicollo (from LoM) or Neku (Twewy):twisted:

2.Enchantable armor will be good thing :D

3.If it is room and monster editor , then it needs...level editor!

4.Multiplayer - but between Hamachi or something like that - will be great supplement to that great game.

5.Crafting items will be a great thing cause in later levels are many of useless items and of course this will differentiate a game. I know this is not MeinKraft (btw i hate MineCraft) , but creating items its nothing bad.

6.For summoned creatures - Golem shouldn't take damage from spikes. It will be cool when water elemental will create some water when he will moving. Also summons needs spells or possibility to throw exactly firebolts for fire elemental or healing and flying for angel.

7.New Curses:
Curse of Sisyphus - items don't work (example: using pickaxe on boulder wont destroy a boulder)
Curse of Schizm - you don't see monsters

pikachula wrote:
Blood Magic: instead of actual blood magic effect, i think this trait shoul involve a new spell school, i dont know, maybe spells like health drain and some of them with health points as a cost. the actual effect of blood magic could be added to this school as an active spell.
another blood magic spell idea is something like "drain blood" a spell that deals damage and hidratates you

That gave me an good idea - SUB-WAYS OF MAGIC!
It will be some bonus spells to one of existing spell school and will cost 1CP in creating character. Per each character can be only one of sub-ways but needs a basic school.
Black Magic:
Blood Magic (Vampire Shape, Water to Blood, Blood Elemental)
Demonology (Anti-Demon Shield, Posses Demon, Contact with Hell :mrgreen: )

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