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 Post subject: Re: Please explain multiplayer ?
PostPosted: Wed Oct 22, 2014 1:05 am 
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I wasn't using it to nullify Magic Weakness, I was using it to nullify status - like being warped to the entrance or losing magic. As long as it still does those things, Counterspell is useful.
The counter works the same for all monster spells, no matter if it's damage dealing or steal/teleport/dispel stuff. The formula now compares spell power with the monster level.
counter chance:
 effective monster level < effective power + Rand[0..effective power] 

And the effective monster level is scaled with player's magic resistance.
(monster(MonsterID)\minlevel * (100 - PlayerGetMagicResistance(*Player))) / 100
So at -100 %, the effective monster level is doubled,at 50% it's halved, and at 100%, it's reduced to 0. With 100%, you'd be immune anyway - but one might want to use counter to deal damage still.

 Post subject: Re: Please explain multiplayer ?
PostPosted: Wed Oct 29, 2014 5:18 pm 

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Xuande wrote:
To be honest, I'm not currently active. When there's a major new version, or when someone puts up a serious challenge on the leaderboards, I'll consider playing more. Having a fairly new PC has opened up a wealth of new games to me that I haven't had access to before - my previous PC barely could even run Lost Labyrinth on the later floors.

Grats with new PC! What do you play with new this power? :)

Xuande wrote:
When I do play, its usually to dabble with melee builds and the No Magic restriction (not because its a good idea, but because magic is OP right now).

Any advice in warrior/hunter build then?(with magic of course) :)
When I played warrior, he was dead because of lack of light. I was out of mana and could not cast moonlight anymore. How solve light issues? Second issue - death because of petrification.
Shall I take danger sense?
When I played archer I died around 40 lvl because I failed to find exit. I used druid's magic apple to solve hunger. Do you take anything to solve hunger problem or anything for solving problem with finding exit in dungeon? Picklocking for quick navigation?
I see a lot of people choose Unlucky trait, but you choosed instead Luck. Why did you do that?
Do you choose any God trait?

 Post subject: Re: Please explain multiplayer ?
PostPosted: Sun Nov 02, 2014 8:53 am 

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Its been too long since I last played, and I haven't cleared with a melee-only character yet anyway, so I'll refrain from giving advice on that.

What I play...well, its about getting accustomed to having Steam for the first time, in 2014...I get Humble Bundles, Civ games, and the random indies that catch my attention. I'm not much of an AAA gamer, so its rare that my rig is being pushed (i7-4770k, 780 Ti, haven't needed to overclock).

I take Luck for two main reasons - It helps your saving throw vs "View of Death" - 90% to survive it with 18+ luck, only 75% with 15 luck or 25% with 5 luck. View of Death is very common in the last 50 or so floors, so its nice to have a defense against it, one that still lets me not take a god blessing. It also greatly reduces fumble rate/botch/whatever the term is for spells, so I don't have to worry about my 100% spell failing due to chance.

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