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 Post subject: A Few Questions
PostPosted: Sun Jul 30, 2017 11:09 am 

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Hello, I have a few other questions. I've been trying to answer quite a few myself by trial and error, but alas, not everything can be answered. Hopefully someone could answer these and enlighten my friends and my playthrough a bit XD

1. Are there any changes to gameplay that occur when playing with 4 people as opposed to just 1? Monsters getting more health and whatnot?

2. How much power does each "tier" of Spell Weaving give? I originally thought it was only 1 spellpower worth, but after trying it a few times, it is most certainly not!

3. Is there a wiki or something similar anywhere for the game? I know the install folder has a few FAQ's, and while the General FAQ there has been quite helpful, the Spell FAQ seems to be quite a bit dated. This makes me wonder on how up to date the General FAQ is (but it seems to be good for everything i've run into so far!)

4. What exactly makes Free Magic so strong for it to have no benefit from Sorcery? My friends and myself have used it, and it's been extremely sub-par. Am I missing something on this?

 Post subject: Re: A Few Questions
PostPosted: Mon Jul 31, 2017 12:45 am 
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1. Multiplayer

2. Spell Weaving
It never claimed to only add 1 power level per extra mana... :roll:
Actually, it really IS only 1 per each as long as you only HAVE a spell power of 1. ;) If you look at the numbers in the spell selection screen, you should be able to deduce it quite easily. It's totally OP but nobody found out until now so: shush! :D

3. Wiki
Markus set up a wiki once, but nobody bothered to write in it. Our player base is just too small I guess. The spell FAQ is outdated since the time we implemented the in-game spell compendium.
So without a wiki, I like to consider finding out some details about game mechanics an "exploration experience".

4. Free Magic
Look here:
How many of the top entry players have used Free Magic?
And yes, Sorcery did not work on it in version 5.0 either.
In short: if you know which spells you need, FM is crazy versatile. Quality over quantity essentially.
Also: If you take White Magic, you are blocked from taking Cursed and Poison Weakness. That's because you get "cure poison" and "remove curse" spells to easily counter the flaw. FM does not block those flaws...
To compensate a bit and make White still useful, real White Mages remove all poison/curses with a single cast. Others only reduce duration 1 to 1 with spell power. The Warlock's Magic Weapon spell follows the same idea.
You can find some more in-depth discussion by searching for forum entries by Xuande.

 Post subject: Re: A Few Questions
PostPosted: Mon Jul 31, 2017 5:17 am 

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Oh neat. I've only been going into singleplayer to test things. So I wasn't sure if there were changes to monster health and whatnot. Besides testing things, I've been playing with 3 others. We actually use PS3 controllers and Joy2Key to make a makeshift mouse setup kinda deal. Super fun to laze about on a couch and play XD

Ah, that explains why my test was a bit odd. That's what it felt like when I was testing. It doesn't really say much about it at all to be fair XD I was testing Spell Weaving with spellpower 1 (just something really quick kinda deal), but when I did it in a normal playthrough it seemed... quite off? :P That explains why though! I'll keep it shh :P

Yeh, I understand Free Magics power in single player mode. I'm playing 4-player though. Free Magic has some quirks to it for balance which really caught me off guard, which is fair though. If they worked how I was thinking it'd basically be a 15 spells of your choice for... a minor annoyance? (that chicken curse though lol) Though, for 4-player it seems to not be a good choice. You can just pick up everything between the 4 of you.

This has been super informative though!
Thanks a bunch for the reply ^_^

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