Mouse movement choppy (Win7) [solved]
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Author:  Matok [ Tue Jul 26, 2011 5:47 pm ]
Post subject:  Mouse movement choppy (Win7) [solved]

When your mouse input seems to be choppy and you use an optical mouse, there could be a workaround.

This probably applies to other optical mouses as well, so if you have that kind of problem, try to solve it with the software that comes along with your mouse the way described below. (I own a Logitech G5 Lasermouse).


To solve the problem with Logitech optical mouses, you have to enter "Set Point" , the software that comes along with your mouse.
(Menu names could be different, as I own the german version of setpoint)

1. In the Set Point menu, choose the 3. option on the left hand of the window called "mouse settings for games"
2. choose "advanced game options" lower right hand of the screen
3. lower "signal rate" from 500 to 333 (or even lower)
4. apply

IMPORTANT : the signal/polling rate of the mouse is something different than the dpi setting!

Please leave a message, if this post helped you solve the problem :)

Author:  Darkfold [ Tue Dec 01, 2015 7:05 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Mouse movement choppy (Win7) [solved]

Heyas all,

I suspected as well it was a polling rate issue. This works 100% if you set it to 333 or below as the original poster suggested.

It solved all the mouse display and position errors for me. So this post needs to be stickied. Even if you are having these issues and are not using a gaming mouse that has software to change your polling rate, you can download online tools to patch and change your base polling rate for your usb mouse.

Things like polling rate changer and etc are a useful tool for those who don't have a software specific for your mouse.

Thank you for posting this solution.


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