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 Post subject: Survived! (bugs with highscore)
PostPosted: Sun May 24, 2015 10:13 pm 

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That was last fight. Very big monster and I really was scared before entering room. But I was not locked in cage as usually, I retreated back to safe palce in corridor and sent my dragon against the beast. Dragon did well and soon last boss of dungeon was killed. I took all my money from my dragon and took last piece of staff.

So many attempts was done before and now, hurra, I survived!

I d like to inform that something was wrong with highscores. First it asked me several times of my last words, it was like some loop and the condition to leave this loop did not work. When it asked me third time I closed game. On my computer I have now two strings in highscores "Dragon (Ilya_Sum_Ius_Time_Dru)".

And here is record in online highscores I got

15: Dragon (Ilya_Sum_Ius_Time_Dru)
Reached level 95, scored 1000 points, 2015-05-24,
walked the labyrinth for 6183 rounds and needed 81 days 9 hours 22 minutes,
killed 0 monsters, collected 0 goldpieces and found 9/9 pieces of the staff
Survived the Labyrinth
Skills: Toughness, Favoured of the Gods, Monster Lore, Poverty, Forsaken, Outcast, No Basic Magic, Weak Fingers, Weak Arms, Disfigured

And this record is for my Dragon! Yeas I know he did main work in dungeon and even killed last boss but people would be mislead or think about me as cheater.
Also wrong time for finishing dungeon and killed monsters.
5.2.1 Windows XP

Anyway thanks for the game! I enjoyed it a lot, it is really best roguelike on the net! ;)

 Post subject: Re: Survived! (bugs with highscore)
PostPosted: Mon May 25, 2015 1:35 pm 
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Ah yes, we did not anticipate someone collecting the last staff piece with a summoned minion. So we either have to make the game register correctly for the pet owner. Or maybe prevent pets from collecting staff pieces even.
Pity we don't get to see your real skill selection .. only the ones that are pet-transferable. First time someone made it through with a summoner build I think. And with permadeath mode even - well done. 8-)

 Post subject: Re: Survived! (bugs with highscore)
PostPosted: Mon May 25, 2015 9:03 pm 

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I found after I finished game my filesave was not deleted but game was autosaved before last boss room. So I loaded it and fought by myself now :shock: . Nice, you do not delete filesave if we survive labirynth! :D :D :D :D
Well, fight was even easier than fight with my dragon. I cast prismatic spray one time and boss was aoed to death. I dismissed my dragon and took last staff piece.
Got 4 place in highscore rank.

Reached level 95, scored 2925 points, 2015-05-25,
walked the labyrinth for 6799 rounds and needed 82 days 8 hours 0 minutes,
killed 2077 monsters, collected 17666 goldpieces and found 9/9 pieces of the staff
Survived the Labyrinth
Skills: Toughness, Leylines Contact, Mana, Sorcery, Illusion Magic, Druid Magic, Free Magic, Summoner, Time Magic, Akolyth, Mystic Attack, Goddess of Healing, Favoured of the Gods, Monster Lore, Poverty, Poison Weakness, Stupid, Pacifist, Weak Fingers, Gluttony, Illiterate, Vegetarian

But again very strange time - 82 days. I really made a break for a game for several months but I guess that does not count ;)

As for my style of play - I casted haste on my dragon and let him clear way. If monster had too many HP, armour or defence I used Temporal rift spell to banish it. Usually I went forward to spot traps, because my dragon had talent to triger every trap he stepped in :D If trap was triggered I used Banish Fire or Sea of Flames to remove it effect. Without this two spells I do not know how I finished. And yes, Free magic + Sorcery - made a lot of things more convinient and easier.

Anyway 4th place for me and 16th for my dragon, not bad :lol:
Thank you for making this game! :roll:

 Post subject: Re: Survived! (bugs with highscore)
PostPosted: Wed May 27, 2015 2:21 am 
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Aha, perma-death does not handle "dying" via surviving the game properly it seems..
It's a really rarely encountered bug though. :P
Once I fix the problem with pets collecting staff pieces, then it should not be a problem erasing the save file for winners too.

Looking at the high score list, it seems like "free magic" is a sine qua non for surviving laby in actual release version.
The next release will have some more balancing to amend this. For example sorcery won't work with free magic any more. (The description has always claimed it would not..)
I also made spell chance go up only by 1% per use.
I also fixed "counterspell" which did not end as intended after countering a spell.
"Time Stop" was o.p. too and has a casting limit now.

strange time - 82 days

Yes, game will simply store a time stamp from whenever you first started the game and compare that to the actual time stamp when it ends.
So that won't tell how much time you really took actually playing.
As laby is turn based, the number of turns may be a better indicator to compare runs.
Looking at those: 6799 rounds should not the doable with gluttony vegetarian within 95 levels = 190x magic apple. I guess "ploughshare" spell closed the gap here.
Though this still depends on the actual build of course. For example playing with God of War/Death, one would want to clean out all monsters to maximise the effects. Your Goddess of Healing instead only requires getting to the sanctum - that is something one would want to do in most levels anyway. And unlike those two gods,she also works well if your HP are high already.

So unlike Xuande, you did not stop rune traps with bard's song of magic, but simply triggered and used 2 of your free spell slots for "Sea of Flames" -> ice rune, "Banish Fire" -> fire rune, and "Neutralise Poison" (druid) for poison rune. That would still leave:
  • mana drain - I guess potion / mushrooms (you skipped "No Basic Magic" flaw and thus had the "identify" spell) / Ley Lines / crysolit
  • curse rune - Curses can often be rather harmless e.g. "Poseidon", but some are pretty nasty e.g. "Chicken".
  • spear/dart/axe - You probably had enough HP to simply eat them with "Toughness" and "Goddess of Healing"
  • trapdoor - Those do decent damage, you lose a stat upgrade (in conjunction with the "stupid" flaw) and you would have to climb up again if there is still a room to check for a staff piece.

 Post subject: Re: Survived! (bugs with highscore)
PostPosted: Wed May 27, 2015 7:51 pm 

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Can I ask leave autosave when we survive dungeon? It is a pleasure to have a something after completing such tough challenge. It also can be useful for writing feedback, when person can load and see spells he has chosen with Free magic for example.

I think it would be great if time shows real game time. Because it difffers a lot even with the same number of turns. When I began playing as summoner it was a bit boring because it was not so dynamic as moving and fighting by one character. Playing with pet took me two much more time than just by pure caster. And when I tryed to play archer it was so fun because it was so quick and dynamic compared with spellcaster.

Regards gluttony - on low leveles I cleared everyting while magic apples allowed to do this for getting gold and valuble items. After there was a race to get self-hypnosys spell before I die from hungry. When I got it problem with food was solved. But even later I found necklake that slowed my hunger which I also wore and allowed me to make long runs in searching staff pieces.

I have not problems with traps - I casted on myself Sense traps spell, and had 90% chance to detect traps. So I tryed to come before my dragon and remove traps with my toolkit or spell. I had always shield on me so when I spotted an axe ot spear trap I did not even used trap toolkit(to save charges) but just ran into it and activated it by myself. My shield always was enough to prevent me from damage.

I usually detected mana drain traps, some of them was eated by my dragon when dragon was running toward monster. And I still had a dragon which could help me a lot if I am without mana :lol:. I fell down into trapdoor two or three times. I hate it the most of all. It is unpleasant (especially after some valuble potions became broken) but it is not fatal for surviving.

I played before as archer and managed to reach 45 level, but was pissed off when I understood that sooner or later even with danger sense I would trigger rune trap and while I would moving through it I would meet a mob with petrify or view of death ability and I can not do anything against it. It is certain death.
I think there is need a solution to prevent archer and warrior from such certain death. Spellsongs for them is not variant because there is need too high level in magic to use spellsongs against traps.

Tomorrow I will go away from my home to a new job. Excuse me I can write next post in September when I return home. See you later!

 Post subject: Re: Survived! (bugs with highscore)
PostPosted: Sat Jun 06, 2015 7:33 pm 

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one year passed by

 Post subject: Re: Survived! (bugs with highscore)
PostPosted: Fri Jun 19, 2015 10:48 am 

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I think the main things preventing a summoning style of play have been:

* Bugs. Hopefully fixed now, but that was a problem in the first few versions I played.

* Summons are very time consuming to have to rely on. I like to do 1-segment runs, so the idea of potentially doubling the time needed is a deal-breaker. The two times I've played to Lv150 have taken ~10 hours each, and that's with a variety of tools that make clearing floors magically faster.

* I'm unsure if they can take on high level enemies these days.

Of course, I do tend to have at least one summon spell, but I don't use it very often. Face-checking for traps with a summon can work, but it can also set off annoying area-effect fires/poisons/ice.

(And if anyone's wondering, no, I haven't played in a long time. But I do check the scoreboard from time to time to see if there's a new reason to 8-) .)

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